Trips To Inspire

By Malcolm Fleschner

Wouldn’t it be great to provide your sales team with a genuinely unique travel incentive that no one else is offering – a trip that is exotic, mind-blowing, enticing and team building all at the same time? And wouldn’t it be even better if someone else did all the heavy lifting to handle the details?

One place to begin your search for the ideal incentive travel solution is Atlanta-based Incentive Travel, Sports & Motivation, or ITM. Run by the Yugoslavian-born Andjela Kessler, ITM has created unique corporate trips ranging from elephant rides in Thailand and elegant dinners in the French wine country to expeditions exploring Hawaiian volcanoes and tickets to sit courtside at Wimbledon while enjoying strawberries and cream.

ITM specializes in creative incentive travel solutions because, Kessler says, salespeople remember exotic trips much more than how they spent any monetary bonus, particularly if the amount of money is unimpressive.

ITM also offers a wide range of options, charging between $250 and $4,000 per employee to create a customized incentive travel package. Despite being only an 11-person operation, ITM has handled trips for such big corporate names as Coca-Cola, Nestle, Mobil Oil, Seagram, Bristol Myers Squibb and Pillsbury, but also welcomes business from much smaller customers. In fact, lately ITM has even begun bringing international corporate groups to the United States.

“When I bring the Dutch to an African-American church in Atlanta it’s no different than taking Americans to a rice field in Thailand,” Kessler says. “Everyone needs to really experience a new culture.”

Dedicating herself to being a self-styled ambassador from Atlanta who bridges cultures around the world, Kessler says she is careful not to exploit the local inhabitants her clients encounter on their trips. With her commitment to meeting every client’s needs and budget, however, there’s no reason you shouldn’t exploit Kessler’s talents to create a winning exotic travel incentive your people will be talking about for years to come.

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