Avoiding a Sales Slump

By Cindy Waxer

Sales is a high-energy, high-demand profession. We’re taught how to talk on the phone, ask questions and overcome objections – but seldom are we taught how to cope with the chaos. Speaker, trainer and consultant Joe Guertin offers these tips to keep the fire burning without burning out.

1. Give yourself a fresh start.
Starting fresh means leaving the past in the past. If you’ve been the low biller at the company, stop thinking like the low biller. If you haven’t been seeing enough customers, stop dwelling on failures and focus on fresh opportunities. Start thinking, acting and talking like a peak performer.

2. Change your routine.
Make a full and complete change – from the time you wake up in the morning to the time you leave for work to your daytime habits. Change everything. Try taking an early morning jog. Eat a healthy breakfast. Take a new route to work. Restructure your day and avoid time wasters like gossip interruptions and habitual coffee breaks.

3. Build a new action plan.
Link your daily planner to your outcome goals. Focus on revenue-generating activities. With outside sales that means face-to-face meetings with new prospects. With inside sales that means more phone time with more people who can buy. Commit yourself to it.

4. Take action in your personal life.
Sales slumps can cause or be the result of issues outside of work. If you have family at home make sure they get the good you, not the frazzled you. Put them first and the rest will follow. Adjusting your dietary, exercise and sleeping habits also can change you from being a lethargic to an energetic sales professional.

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