Put Time on Your Side

By Cindy Waxer

If your candle is burning at both ends then you might need to take better notice of where your time goes and with whom you spend it. Salespeople who manage their time wisely not only make more sales but reduce the stress in their lives. Steve McClatchy, president of Alleer Training & Consulting, offers this advice for making the most of your day.

Learn to say no.
Saying no for some people is a very hard thing to do, but it has tremendous rewards. Ask yourself: What is the wisest and best use of my time right now? If any given opportunity does not meet that criterion, say no to the opportunity.

Turn to dos into appointments.
A to do is a discretionary task that is time flexible. Appointments are time specific. We defend appointments while we tend to forget about tasks. To take your time management skills to the next level, take your top priorities off your to-do list and put them on your appointment schedule.

Improve your computer efficiency.
Improving your typing skills and learning keyboard short cuts can save you time every day. Make time for computer development skills either by scheduling time with someone who you know is good, formally scheduling time in a computer class or just purchasing magazines and literature that can help you.

Get organized.
You lose an average of an hour a day looking for things. If you want more time, spend less of it looking for what you need. Create a retrieval system using a label maker, file cabinet and your computer. You will never regret the time and money you invest.

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