Magic Words Your Customers Long to Hear

By John R. Graham

Customers want and need to believe what a salesperson says. Back up your words with action. Deliver what you promise and instill confidence in your customers. By using the right words, you can encourage your customers to believe in your company, opening the door to more sales.

“I’ll take care of that for you.” When a problem lands in your lap, it’s your responsibility to solve it. The action you take not only increases your customer’s confidence, it also gives you a feeling of greater worth. You become a “take charge” individual, breaking the usual method of passing the problem on to the next employee.

“I take full responsibility.” When sales professionals protect themselves from criticism, other employees will follow the same route. Take responsibility for your actions as well as for your company’s. Set a positive example for your fellow salespeople. You will find that you can move heaven and earth when you say, “I’ll take full responsibility.” If there’s a mistake, admit it. Get to the solutions and increase customer satisfaction.

“We want your business.” Why should you ever assume that customers know that you want their business? Too many businesses convey the impression that customers are an interference. When a prospect hears, “We want your business,” it becomes clear that the customer counts.

“Thank you for thinking of us.” This short sentence is what business is all about. When a customer makes a purchase, he or she is paying a compliment to your company. You emphasize this relationship when you say, “Thank you for thinking of us.” Everyone feels good, the one giving the compliment and the one receiving it.

“Consider it done.” These magic words make more sales than all the training programs in the world. They keep customers coming back and set a company apart from all competition. “Consider it done” makes you feel in charge and leaves the customer with the assurance of being in good hands.

The right words can work wonders in a selling situation. They establish positive relationships and create confidence in the salesperson and the customer. And most important, they keep satisfied customers coming back.