The 411 on Leads

By Cindy Waxer

Finding new customers is a never-ending challenge for sales professionals. Today, more than ever, access to qualified sales leads can mean the difference between thriving and surviving.

Lead411 offers salespeople the latest contact information and industry news. A lead generation service, the company researches a wide variety of industry news sources such as news wires, public filings and company Web sites for news on venture capital fundings, management changes, new hires, resignations, new office locations, mergers, acquisitions and other newsworthy business events. Lead411’s team of researchers then verifies this information.

“We take the lengthy grunt work out of the salesperson’s daily routine so they can get back to what they do best – selling,” says Lead411 founder Tom Blue.

Lead411 subscribers receive a daily e-newsletter detailing the day’s business events, and users can search the company’s online database for up-to-the-minute contact information and industry news.

“Sales professionals spend far too many hours researching companies and scouring newspapers and magazines to find new companies to work with,” warns Blue. “Even if they find a company to target, it can take hours to find the correct decision maker to contact.”

Lead411 also offers its entire database of more than 8,000 businesses and 54,000 individual contacts for export to a salesperson’s own database system.

Blue promises that Lead411 goes to great lengths “to ensure that the information we provide can be imported into any contact management system – whether ACT!, Goldmine, or even Outlook.”

In addition, Lead411 offers news and contact information on privately held companies. According to Blue, this information allows salespeople to search for leads beyond today’s Fortune 100 businesses and blue-chip companies.

Lead411’s daily email service and online searchable database services cost $19.95 per month. Subscribers can download the company’s extensive databases for $350 per quarter.

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