Siebel Systems to Offer SatMetrix Software

By Robert Moskowitz

Siebel Systems, the world’s leading provider of e-business applications software, has inked an agreement to resell SatMetrix Systems’ customer experience management software.

Under the agreement, Siebel Systems will offer a preintegrated product to be called Siebel SatMetrix e-Surveys. The package will enable companies to measure and analyze the satisfaction levels of their customers, track improvement since implementing Siebel e-business applications and uncover ways to improve their overall CRM effectiveness.

The software can be used not only to track the overall CRM performance of a company, but to identify specific customers which are the most dissatisfied and thus may be most at risk of finding another vendor. Siebel SatMetrix e-Surveys also helps analyze why a particular customer may be so dissatisfied. This gives companies important new opportunities to identify and take the actions needed to turn a dissatisfied customer into a satisfied, loyal one before its management has time to recognize the problem and make a decision to look elsewhere.

In addition, SatMetrix Systems will begin to collect normative data on customer satisfaction from Siebel Systems’ participating customers and will develop benchmark data for each of the most important industry sectors. Both Siebel Systems’ and SatMetrix Systems’ customers will then be able to access this database and compare their own performance against these benchmarks.

The new alliance will almost certainly improve the reach and credibility of SatMetrix Systems, while giving Siebel new and important tools for improving customer retention and substantiating the improvement. Siebel SatMetrix e-Surveys provides hard data for measuring the intangibles impacted by most other CRM programs. As a result, using it will help companies pick and choose their future CRM investments on a more rational, justifiable basis than ever before, particularly when dealing with ambiguous considerations such as buyer satisfaction and customer loyalty.