On Your Mark, Get Set, Golf!

By Malcolm Fleschner

Which travel incentive would your top performing salespeople prefer – a golfing vacation or a luxurious cruise through the Caribbean? Then again, why choose between the two when you can have both? Carnival Cruise Lines recently made this seemingly impossible achievement a reality with the introduction of a remarkable new high-tech golf simulator on its 2,052-passenger fun ship, Inspiration.

The state-of-the-art system combines a high-impact, 10-by-12-foot screen with crystal clear graphics and a fully recessed hitting mat that offers simulated fairways featuring light and heavy rough and even sand surfaces. Dual-tracking infrared sensors give instantaneous, precision ball-flight information. Simulated courses include Scotland’s St. Andrew’s, England’s Belfry Country Club and Ohio’s Firestone Country Club. The result: the most authentic golf game you’ll ever experience without any land in sight.

Then again, maybe you’re a purist and you absolutely insist that your people play their golf on actual grass and not in the midst of the world’s largest water hazard. If that’s the case, then let USAGolfHolidays.com do the heavy lifting and put together your next golf incentive trip.

One of the world’s premier golf vacation tour operators supplying customer vacations all over North America, the Caribbean, South Africa and Europe, USAGolfHolidays.com will work with you to develop a custom trip that maximizes the motivational impact for your specific team while staying within your budgetary limits. They’ll also handle everything from air travel to tee times, and can even plan special extracurricular activities to interest non-golfers along for the ride.

For more information, call 1-888-618-GOLF or visit www.usagolfholidays.com. For more information on the simulated golf cruise, call 1-888-CARNIVAL or visit www.carnival.com.