New Wireless Projectors Hit the Streets

Two new wireless projectors have shipped recently. If you’re tired of cables, check out NEC Solutions (America), Inc.’s first MT Series generation of portable projectors with NEC’s ImageXpress networking technology, and Panasonic’s PT-L780NTU, a 12-pound, network-enabled LCD unit with 3,000 ANSI lumens and XGA resolution.

With NEC ImageXpressT technology, the MT60 Series, which includes the MT1065, MT1060 and MT860 models, can communicate continuously and in real time from a PC to the projector through a wired local area network (LAN) system or a wireless system via Wi-Fi 802.11b. The wireless option lets users place their laptop anywhere in the room and even switch between presentations on multiple laptops with the touch of a button. Additional projector networking solutions allow online remote diagnostics and control by accessing the projector from in the room or a main command center, as well as the ability to receive email error notifications.

The MT60 Series includes NEC’s 3D ReformT technology, which gives users horizontal, vertical and diagonal keystone correction for perfectly square images when projecting from unusual angles. The MT1065 and MT1060 also feature automatic adaptive color correction to allow for more accurate representations of projected images when used with unique display materials, such as textured walls.

The MT60s also include security features to help reduce theft and unauthorized access, including an option that requires a PC card security key for projector access. Other security features include password protection, a cabinet control panel lock and security lock compatibility. The LCD-based XGA MT1065 and MT1060 and the SVGA MT860 weigh 13 pounds, and offer users brightness ratings of 3200, 2600 and 2800 ANSI lumens respectively. The MT1065 and MT1060 are currently available, with the MT860 shipping in January 2003. The suggested retail price for the MT1060 is $7,995; the price for the MT1065 is $9,995.

Panasonic’s wireless unit, the PT-L780NTU, also provides both wired and wireless network capability. By inserting an optional wireless PC LAN card, users can transmit data using Wi-Fi 802.11b at a transfer rate of 11 Mbps over a 125-foot distance from a PC to the SD Memory Card in the PT-L780NTU. In addition, all the PT-L780NTU’s setup parameters can be controlled remotely and its status monitored via an Internet browser menu. Each PT-L780NTU has an assigned IP address for remote, individual control.

The PT-L780NTU also features wired LAN capabilities. The projector can connect to an office’s LAN via a built-in 10Base-100Base-TX interface for easy communication and control. The PT-L780NTU also is USB-ready and can serve as a USB hub for a daisy-chain connection of multiple devices. The projector’s list price is $7,499.