New Resort Concept Is Out of This World

By Heather Baldwin

If you’re looking for somewhere truly unique for your next regional sales meeting, you soon may be able to send your reps to the moon – the Moon Resort and Casino that is. Creator Michael Henderson, who unveiled his concept for this 250-acre mega resort complex in mid-October, said it is designed to be a 10,000-room, five-star, five-diamond luxury resort like nothing else on planet Earth. Among its features will be the largest conference center in the world.

Henderson unveiled the concept in Las Vegas and is trying to attract a casino operator or major developer to build it. “The project is so large that with the casino element we believe it will require someone already in the business to build it. That’s why we picked Vegas to unveil it,” he says. Ultimately, Moon may be built somewhere else. Henderson says there are about half a dozen places in the world where it could work, but he says Las Vegas is the ideal location because the resort is very Vegas and very American.

While the location and construction timeline are still uncertain, there are several things Henderson knows for sure. First, Moon Resort and Casino is being conceived as the largest conference center in the world. Regardless of when it is built, he says, the center will have the square footage necessary to give it that status. Additionally, there will be a 15-hole golf course at the back of the resort, requiring between 100 and 125 acres. The main resort requires approximately the same amount of space, for a total of 250 acres.

The hotel itself will begin on the fifth story of the building with convention and meeting space taking up the lower five floors. And you can bet that meeting space will have top-of-the-line technology. “We are billing our project as the most technologically advanced hotel and meeting facility ever,” says Henderson. “There will be flat screens everywhere – whatever technology is available at the time it is built will be included.”

Other features include a giant lunar-themed aquatic center, an exclusive shopping complex, a terrestrial biosphere, moon buggy rides and an International Space Station, among the hundreds of resort attractions. The centerpiece of the resort, the Moon itself, will be nestled between the hotel’s wings and house the world’s largest casino. “Moon Resort and Casino is designed as a standalone facility where you could come for seven days and still not see everything,” says Henderson. “It’s a destination, not simply a hotel room or meeting facility.”

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