OUTsource Your INcentives

By Malcolm Fleschner

Remember when building a sales incentive program was easy? It was a simpler time, when managers could just point to an expensive item in a catalog or a photo of an exotic destination and tell the sales team: On your mark…get set...go!

But this is the Information Age, and today’s managers have to create incentives that motivate everyone on the staff, tap into each rep’s unique desires, keep everyone informed of their progress and all the while stay on top of a mountain of administrative materials – or they can just let SalesDriver take care of everything instead.

Since 1999 that’s precisely what SalesDriver has been doing – handling the development, communication and management of sales incentive programs, all online, for clients like Bayer, Autodesk and DWL Incorporated. While clients have the freedom to choose rewards ranging from such standard gift ideas as a DVD player or digital camera to exotica like a new Harley Davidson or a trip into the stratosphere aboard a Russian MiG-25 fighter jet, SalesDriver takes care of the more mundane but critical tasks of day-to-day administration, support and communication.

And in addition to the company’s standard program solution, SalesDriver also offers what it calls a Corporate Identity Solution designed for programs with more than 50 participants. Key features include a branded Website, customizable reward currency, a dedicated account executive and participant self-updating. Who said things can’t be simple again – at least for you. For more information, visit www.salesdriver.com.