Sales at Sea

By Cindy Waxer

Rocco Anselmo is taking his selling strategies to sea. Anselmo recently announced the 2003 launch of his Sales Seminars at Sea workshops aboard the Carnival Cruise Ship Ecstasy.

President of the sales consulting company, RJA Associates, Anselmo has scheduled 15 workshops in 2003. The ship departs on Monday afternoon from Los Angeles, spends three days at sea and returns Friday morning, with destinations to Ensenada and Catalina Island.

During the workshops participants receive 12 hours of training to improve their selling techniques and sales management skills, depending on the course chosen. Participants can pursue their own cruise activities when workshops are not in session.

According to Anselmo, the Sales Seminars at Sea workshops are a welcome departure from seminars staged in crowded hotel boardrooms.

“Hotel-based seminars usually tend to go eight or nine hours. You complete the day, you’re tired, you eat, you pick up your emails, you go to bed and you get up the next day and start again. That’s not a motivating way to have a seminar.”

Anselmo’s seminars, on the other hand, run from three to six hours, allowing participants to learn valuable selling techniques and then rejuvenate while exploring fascinating travel destinations.

Anselmo says, “It’s a lot easier to focus for three hours knowing that you’re not going to be grinded through the day and that the rest of the day is going to be yours.”

The workshops also allow for a fair share of networking. Often accompanied by more than 2,000 passengers, it’s not uncommon for participants to acquaint themselves with their fellow shipmates.

“It’s amazing how much networking occurs on a cruise ship. People who aren’t in the class always ask participants why they’ve signed on and the conversation starts from there.”

Prices for the five-day workshop range from $839 to $1,236, depending on room selection and season. The workshops range in size from six to 20 people and participants generally are from a myriad of companies and industries.

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