More Momentum

By Cindy Waxer

If you want to increase your sales by 1000% – or even just 10% – you need to create, advance and maintain momentum to accomplish your goals. Generating momentum requires getting new hires to work smoothly with veteran sales reps so that everyone is working towards the same goals at the same speed. Dan Kuschell, a direct sales/marketing expert, speaker and trainer, offers these tips for building a sales force’s momentum.

Clearly define your business objectives.
Determine what you want your sales reps to accomplish this month, this quarter and this year. Be as specific as possible. Simply saying that you want to increase sales by year’s end gives your employees nothing concrete to strive for. Instead, use specifics such as five new customers a month.

Get your team’s attention.
Paint a colorful picture of what will happen in the future as a result of a new commitment, strategy or expansion. As you explain your goals for the company, let your actions speak louder than your words. Demonstrate that you’re committed to working with your sales reps and willing to support them in their success.

Create an all-star team environment.
Your new hires have to see the results the veteran employees are attaining, while the veterans need to see the unique approaches and enthusiasm the new hires bring to the mix. One way to accomplish this is to build a Wall of Fame for your team. Every few hours, let your employees post their own numbers and/or accomplishments.

Offer praise and recognition.
Give your employees a pat on the back or even a simple thank you for every sale they make. Any time a new person makes a sale, give him or her public recognition in front of the entire team. When you do this consistently day in and day out, the majority of your organization will strive to get the recognition.

Develop leaders.
Throughout the momentum process give your veteran sales reps a bigger picture of the company’s goals. Then encourage them to take the lead and mentor the newer employees so everyone can achieve the goals together.