By Cindy Waxer

Every day sales professionals need to influence their customers, competitors and coworkers. Deciding how to customize your powers of persuasion, however, can be a daunting task. Promising to ease this burden is Arcadian Software’s Win Squared solution.A negotiation software tool, Win Squared is a database containing more than 600 tactics for making proposals, gaining concessions and obtaining agreement. Using answers to a series of specific questions relating to a particular prospect and predicament, Win Squared analyzes your unique situation and provides custom advice tailored to your style, goals and level of assertiveness.

Based on the information a sales rep provides, Win Squared can determine whether a prospect is more interested in the quality of a product than its functionality, is skeptical or readily embraces new product launches, and if he or she is socially motivated or detail oriented. Following this, Win Squared recommends tactics for avoiding unnecessary concessions and allows a user to prepare for a prospect’s behavior and response.

It’s a unique system that promises to help both negotiation novices and those who appear to have been born with strong powers of persuasion.

David Ferguson, president of Arcadian Software, says, “We all hear about the natural-born salespeople, but what we’re really talking about are sales professionals who have learned particular negotiation skills and techniques over time.”

Win Squared also takes a prospect’s personality into account by comparing the data entered to 20 predetermined personality traits.

Ferguson says, “Win Squared can take a look at prospects’ personality types so that you can determine whether you should tell them that they can be the first one on their block to purchase a particular product or whether you should tell them that everyone else already has the product – don’t be left out.”

The result is a system that allows sales professionals to reach agreement with less resistance, establish favorable prices, terms and conditions, and negotiate with less stress because he or she knows what to expect and how to respond.