The Spiegel Has Landed

By Malcolm Fleschner

When choosing among incentive program rewards, what do you look for? Options, right? Your salespeople want choices – no one-size-fits-all solution for your bunch. Oh, and simplicity, too. No high achieving reps are going to appreciate having to jump through hundreds of annoying little hoops to receive their just rewards. And don’t forget about value. The prizes themselves need to be worth shooting for – otherwise, what’s the point?

Well if options, convenience and value are three characteristics you’re looking for, the folks at Spiegel Incentives have the award certificates and cards for you. Not only does the Spiegel Catalog offer a range of products – fitness equipment, furniture, clothing, jewelry, housewares, you name it, they’ve got it – to satisfy even the pickiest tastes, Spiegel also will help make your contest unique and personal.

“Within 48 hours of your order we can produce gift cards or certificates that are personalized with the participants’ names,” says Kelly Riordan, the company’s incentive business sales representative. “In addition, you can either put a set amount – say $50 – on the card or you can go with the reloadable card, which allows you to continue to incentivize people throughout the month, quarter or year.”

When you go with the reloadable option, Spiegel – at no charge to you – will send out postcards to recipients each time more value is placed on their cards that say: Congratulations! $20 (or $30, $50 and so forth) has just been added….

“The reloadable cards are great,” Riordan says, “because they give people the option of holding off on redeeming the cards so they can work toward some of the bigger items in the catalog, whether that’s a specific piece of electronics they’ve got their eye on or maybe a piece of furniture.”

Clearly, whether you’re looking for a one-time motivational boost or an ongoing incentive reward solution to keep your salespeople humming along for months to come, the Spiegel Incentives solution is in the cards. For more information, visit