Give And Ye Shall Receive

By Malcolm Fleschner

Finding the right giveaway can prove challenging, particularly for an audience of sales reps who have seen enough mugs, pens, hats and t-shirts to fill a dozen Goodwill dumpsters. So what are some traits to look for in a great promotional gift? Here are some ideas.

1. Wearables
Forget the hats and t-shirts. Instead try golf shirts, windbreakers or warm-up suits outfitted with your company logo. These items aren’t cheap and your people know it, so when they receive this attractive attire they’ll recognize that you aren’t trying to motivate with just nickels and dimes.

2. Interactivity
An unusual and interactive gift idea will help promote teamwork, creativity and any of a number of positive traits you’re trying to imbue in your salespeople. A couple such creative ideas include marble jigsaw pieces that team members must piece together to form a united whole or lapel buttons imprinted with numbers and given out in twos – when a participant finds his or her mate they both earn a free meal or drink together.

3. Themes
Ideally, if your incentive program is going to have a theme the giveaway will match and reinforce that message. So if, for example, a Hawaiian trip awaits your top performers at the end of the year, Hawaiian shirts with the company logo might make the perfect kickoff giveaway. Then again, maybe you’ve chosen to go with an Olympic theme. If so, you might put together a giveaway basket that includes a miniature torch and award podium, shirts embossed with the company logo and the five Olympic rings and a gold medal adorned with the words: Bigger, Faster, Stronger.