Motivation Begins At Home

By Malcolm Fleschner

When your company designs rewards programs, your team members have a right to expect an effective, motivational incentive program, right? With this in mind, Hinda Incentives ( designed a program to retain and reward the company’s approximately 100 employees for loyalty, exceptional performance and desired behaviors.

Employees receive award points for years of service, beginning at 5 years, in five-year increments, as well as for new employee referrals and hires and customer referrals. The peer-to-peer recognition component of the program provides an opportunity for all employees to reward each other for making a special effort solving a seemingly unsolvable problem, exceeding an internal or external customer’s expectations and resolving a major issue as a team. and through peer-to-peer recognition (repetitive-it is a peer-to-peer recognition program). Managers also have the ability to recognize employees for outstanding service through the "Above and Beyond/On-the-Spot Recognition" component of the program and are empowered to develop their own departmental gain-share programs and reward employees accordingly.

By offering a highly inclusive "umbrella" program, Hinda rewards employees for helping to achieve a variety of corporate goals – recruit employees, increase sales, retain employees – which in turn allows participants to combine points earned in a variety of areas for awards of their choice.

Before designing the program, Hinda executives met with select employees from different departments to devise a system that would be considered fair and reachable, and that allocated points commensurate with effort or service.

So what are the results? In the first year of the program Hinda has had 22 employee referrals – resulting in 15 hires, with a savings of $36,000 in hiring fees; 12 customer referrals – accounting for approximately $400,000 in sales; and has given out 385 certificates for peer-to-peer recognition.

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