Sprinting to the Center

By Cindy Waxer

The Sprint Corporation has adopted a unique approach to help its sales force stay ahead of the competition. The telco giant has established the Business Center of Excellence – an enterprise that will enable Sprint’s business sales force to increase productivity and gain recognition as a world-class sales organization.

The Center provides the resources necessary to support the company’s two key areas: global sales and multinational customers. Located in Kansas City, the Center boasts a team of senior-level Sprint employees who determine how salespeople can become more effective in acquiring major accounts and what resources they will need.

According to Bart Westberg, vice president of sales, Sprint Business Center of Excellence, “Whenever you want to make a change or drive something new in a business, you have to build a critical mass of resources that take the right entrepreneurial approach and include the right level of experience, as well as knowledge and capabilities.”

The Center’s team also serves as a group of mentors who, hailing from a variety of disciplines, offer professional support and advice to sales professionals across the corporation. Westberg adds, “If a sales rep hits a wall trying to do something creative, he [or she] can call into the Center and we will find the answer – usually within 24 hours.”

The Business Center of Excellence also serves as a tool to unite the corporation’s disparate departments in accordance with established best practices and industry standards. “What we had in our business was a very decentralized approach to sales operations,” says Westberg. “We brought that into the Center as a single function so that we can look at best practices in the industry…and build our metrics to focus on what the areas are that we want to target for improvement.”

In addition, the Center will serve as a resource in the development and implementation of such One Sprint initiatives as the B2B wireline/wireless integration project – efforts that will help the company differentiate itself in a highly competitive marketplace.