Northern Exposure

By Malcolm Fleschner

Typical incentive travel vacations reward salespeople by sending them south in search of sun, sand and surf. Yet for the more adventurous sales organizations looking for something a little more unorthodox to motivate the troops, exciting incentive travel options abound at the higher lines of latitude as well. Following are a few exciting travel incentive ideas for those willing to follow the compass needle north.

1. Whale of a Time
Travel to the Johnstone Strait area of Vancouver Island’s Inside Passage where killer whales congregate during the summer months to feed, rub fins with one another and nuzzle up against the pebble beaches. While there your salespeople will marvel at these leviathans while studying how the amazing orcas interact and communicate underwater.

2. Thank You Very Mush
If it’s dog sledding you seek, then Ely, Minnesota, is the ideal destination for your team. There they’ll receive five days of dog sledding lessons, get geared up with all the necessary clothes and equipment, learn how to take care of a dog team and then set out for a full day of “mushing.” The trip even includes a commencement ceremony. And for your less adventurous participants, skiing, snowshoeing and snowboarding options are all available.

3. Ice-n-Easy
If you’re looking for the world’s largest igloo, then you’ll soon be bound for Jukkasjarvi, Finland, home of the legendary Ice Hotel. Included with your six-night stay are reindeer safaris and dogsled trips across the frozen Torme River and through the forests of Puimonenvaara. And each night closes with a party at the world-famous Absolut Ice Bar.

4. Down with the Ship
If you’ll go to any depths to stimulate your team, how about diving the most famous shipwreck of all time? Heading out on a research vessel from St. John’s on Canada’s Atlantic coast, your top performers will spend eight nights at sea, receive briefings from deep-sea experts, then board ocean submersibles to visit the Titanic in its briny grave. Two-and-a-half miles below the surface they’ll witness firsthand what most audiences had to shell out $9.50 just to see on the screen.

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