Motivate Your (Whole) Team

By Malcolm Fleschner

“Everyone here sells.” You hear this refrain frequently in corporate America. Yet if everyone in your organization is involved in the selling process, how come only sales personnel are rewarded with incentives and prizes? Bruce Fuller, author of Crank ‘Em Up!!! Brilliant Sales Contests And Bright Ideas To Turn On Your Team And Turn Up Results (Self-Counsel Press), is a British Columbia-based sales and marketing contest specialist with Fulcrum Strategies. He encourages companies to expand their incentive programs to involve the maximum number of people. “Often there’s animosity between salespeople and non-salespeople because the salespeople get the goods,” he explains. “They get the perks, they get the rewards, they seem to be the highest paid and when a contest comes along they’re the ones who get a chance to win a prize.”

Fuller says that there are a variety of ways to tie non-salespeople into an incentive contest. He recalls running one such program with a wine theme where every sales office operated like a wine cellar. But instead of growing grapes, they were growing sales, he says. “Every time an employee gave a rep a lead or did something extra they got ‘corked,’ meaning they received a cork with their nametag on it,” he adds. “At the end of the week all the corks went into a bag and one winning cork was pulled out. Obviously, the more corks you had in there, the greater your chances of winning. And the winner received a bottle of wine or champagne, a corkscrew or some wine glasses. Plus the whole office was decorated like a wine cellar and we kicked off the contest with a company-wide wine and cheese party.”

This is just one example of the virtually limitless possibilities for creating fun, exciting and inclusive incentive contests, Fuller says. The constant is the improved morale and attitude that permeates the office, he notes. “Something special happens in an office when everyone’s involved in a sales contest,” he says. “When the salesperson walks in the door and the receptionist has a stake in what happened while that rep was out on a call, you can really tell the difference.”

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