January 13, 2010

PARTNER SPOTLIGHT:AppExtremes Conga Merge Helps You Manage Your Customer Communications

By Geoffrey James

Some AppExchange applications really push the boundaries of what CRM is all about. Take Conga Merge, for example. This very cool application allows sales reps to create content-rich output in Word, Excel, or PDF forms – or email messages. It lets them pretty much grab whatever data they want and slap it into just about any document they want. And that includes customer data from the salesforce.com database.

Conga Merge lets you populate documents, spreadsheets, or PDF forms with fields from multiple objects. This means that strategic plans, account and opportunity profiles, proposals, quotes, or call sheets can now include multiple images including photos, graphics, and even signatures. For spreadsheets, Conga Merge saves hours of re-keying with a merge-to-Excel option that allows precise positioning of salesforce.com field values in specific worksheet cells, instantly populating Excel-based proposals, quotes, and reporting solutions.

What We Like about It:
If you understand both salesforce.com and Microsoft Office, you can pretty much use Conga Merge to make any kind of report or document that you want, including any kind of information that you want. Conga Merge makes it easier, not just to create interesting documents, but to generate mailing lists for sales campaigns and lead-generation efforts.

Conga Merge also has some advanced features for power users. For example, the application logs activity from the updating of fields in merged records, and allows you to store merged text for later reference and create follow-up tasks making it unnecessary to add new customers to existing sales campaigns and programs. What’s more, AppExtremes has provided a number of sample templates to help you get started and has regular Webinars to help you get up-to-speed.

Just check out these real customer comments:

  • I have nothing but huge praise for this product.
  • Conga is simply brilliant.
  • This program is a dream.
  • What a fantastic product!
  • Their tech support is also very responsive…
  • This application rocks!!!
  • The guys at Conga have got the right ideas…
  • It took less than two days to provide functionality that we had difficulty providing in months.
  • This is an amazing tool and makes it so easy to set up any kind of report or output.
  • This application is incredibly basic yet incredibly powerful.
  • This is fantastic.
  • I am truly amazed…
  • AppExtremes and Conga Merge are our HEROES !!!!

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard that kind of enthusiasm from the CRM user base!

Partner: AppExtremes, Inc.
Application: Conga Merge
Application published: January 2007
Average user rating: Five out of five stars
Pricing plan: Free 30-day trial of full product; $12 per user per month with volume discounts available
More info: www.AppExtremes.com