Every Dog Has Its Day

By Adriana Puckett

When you hear the word “dog,” what canine companion bounds to mind? The attack dog with teeth bared, grabbing onto your pants leg until you give it what it wants? Well, although this image bears resemblance to the Pit Bull, one of five “breeds” outlined in $alesDogs: You do not have to be an attack dog to be successful in sales (Warner 2001), attack dogs are not the only ones to get the bone.

Blair Singer, $alesDogs’ author, asserts that SalesDogs are “among the most respected, highly paid and sought-after corporate heroes of our time.” They are persistent, love to win and share “the ability to fetch and to hunt with passion, talent and skill…”

The key, says Singer, is knowing what “breed” of dog you are so you can leverage your natural talents. It is also helpful for “Sales Trainers” to be able to pinpoint what type of SalesDogs they have in the kennel so they know which ones will be great on their own, which ones need a motivational bone, and which ones need a pat on the head to get going. Here are the five SalesDog breeds:

1. Pit Bull
The most aggressive type, and the one most responsible for salespeople’s bad name. Singer says, “What they make up for in aggressiveness, they may lack in tactfulness and strategy.” Do not send them into situations where a light touch is needed.

2. Golden Retriever
Lovable, slobbery, incredible fetchers and eager-to-please. Singer says, “To the Retriever, customer service is everything. They operate on the belief that the more you give prospects, the more they will love you and ultimately the more they will buy.” However, Singer says that their eagerness to please has to be mitigated by a reminder to continue selling.

3. Poodle
The most amazing thing about poodles is their meticulous, just-out-of-the-salon appearance. Singer says: “Whether it’s reality-based, or only in their heads, these salespeople live and thrive in a world of flash and class.” Their strength? “Their ability to market and to articulate a message can make Poodles large sums of money,” Singer says.

4. Chihuahua
Intense, technical wizards and very enthusiastic. Singer says, “They aren’t that great for cuddling up to, and aren’t known for slick people skills, but their passion, product knowledge and understanding of processes are unrivaled.”

5. Basset Hound
Lacking the aggressiveness of the pit bull, the affability of the golden retriever, the flash of the poodle and the intensity of the Chihuahua, what is left for the droopy basset hound? Singer says, “[Of] all the breeds, their ability to build strong, loyal and long-term relationships through sheer strength of personality and personal rapport is amazing.”

Find out what breed of SalesDog you are at www.salesdogs.com.