An Exercise In Motivation

By Malcolm Fleschner

Team-based incentive trips tend toward two extremes. Either everyone flies to an exotic location for nothing more grueling than margaritas and sunbathing, or the group squares off in a teambuilding survivalist exercise pitting man against nature where hygiene is the first casualty. If you’re looking for a happy medium to meet your organization’s group-travel needs, balancing relaxation with an outdoors experience, consider a package tour with Backroads, the world’s number one active travel company.

Backroads offers group trips throughout North America, Asia, Africa and Europe designed to match your group’s size, budget and desired activity level. Biking, hiking, walking, water sports and combination trips are all represented in the Backroads catalog.

And don’t worry if some members of your sales team aren’t exactly in triathlon shape. On each day of a Backroads vacation trip participants are given specific mileage options. So one day you may choose to go for a vigorous hike but take it easy the next day, opting instead to explore a small Provencal town or shop for bargains at a Northern California antique shop.

Otherwise, the competent folks at Backroads handle all the rest of the details. Prior to the trip they will send out invitations to prospective group members and provide all the pre-trip information travelers will need. Lodging, meals, snacks, baggage handling, gratuities, ferry or train fares and private guided tours of museums, historic sites and other select attractions during the trip are all taken care of. Meanwhile, every day one group leader covers the activity route in a van, ready to offer assistance or refreshment to participants in need.

Not sure what Backroads outing will best meet your organization’s travel incentive needs? Then just call up and speak to a Backroads Trip Consultant, who will talk to you about your group’s activity level, interests and budget to find the perfect matching adventure that your people will never forget. For more information visit