Just The Ticket

One of the strengths of a great sales team is its diversity – a group of individuals with varying talents, desires and backgrounds working together toward a common goal. But that diversity becomes a real obstacle when it comes time to design a single sales-incentive plan to motivate them all. While one rep may dream about hitting the ski slopes, another has visions of plying the links, while a third may visualize taking the family to an amusement park for the day.

Well, if those are your three options, you’re in luck. That’s because Corporate Sports Incentives now offers five different Universal Tickets, good for use at hundreds of locations across the country. The five tickets are:

1. Universal Golf Ticket: Good for a greens fee or greens fee and cart at a participating course.

2. Universal Golf Lesson Ticket: Good for one half-hour lesson with the instructor at a participating course.

3. Universal Ski Ticket: Good for one all-day, all-facility lift ticket at a participating ski resort.

4. Universal Snowboard Ticket: Good for one all-day, all-facility lift ticket at a participating snowboard area.

5. Universally Accepted Amusement Ticket: Good for prepaid admission to a participating amusement park, museum, outdoor adventure, water park or family fun park.

Tickets are enclosed in a customized gift envelope displaying your corporate message and/or logo. The envelopes also include lists of all participating golf courses, ski resorts, snowboard areas or amusement facilities, depending on which tickets your sales rep receives.

Compared to traditional spectator-sport ticket-based incentives that generally limit participants to one sporting event and carry restrictions on the number of tickets available, the Universal Tickets offer a world of options. You can purchase as many, or as few, as you like, and with so many choices you’re almost guaranteed to be offering something of value to every member of your team. Now that’s celebrating diversity, incentive style. For more information visit www.universalticket.com.