Presentations Via Email

By Heather Baldwin

With company travel budgets cut back to the bare bones these days, it’s tough to get in front of customers who are far away. As a result, more and more companies are turning to technology to get their messages to potential clients. Web conferencing is a great solution, but for clients who want to peruse your pitch on their own time, check out the latest product from PresentationPro, called EmailPRESENTER (EP).

EP lets users transform their PowerPoint slides into rich media emails that can be sent to anyone with an email address and an Internet connection. And since the technology converts the presentation to a Web-enabled Flash file, it takes only a split-second to download. Want to really wow your clients? Customize each presentation not only by changing the slides for each client, but also by re-recording the audio that goes with those slides. The result will be a presentation that sounds as if you were standing in a room speaking only to that listener. Once complete, each presentation can be uploaded to the user’s online account on PresentationPro’s secure Website or a corporate server.

Ken Reynolds, executive director of The Foodservice Group, Inc., in Atlanta, uses EP to maintain an ongoing and memorable dialogue with his customers, the members of his association. So far he’s created a regular e-newsletter with the technology, but he already sees the potential for other applications. “EmailPRESENTER can be used to introduce a new product, or I could use it to introduce our association to a prospective member,” says Reynolds. “I’ve also toyed with the idea of creating an association overview. When we’re contacted by a food manufacturer who is interested in our members, I usually tell them to go to our Website. But I could personalize it, and instead of sending a formal, typewritten letter through US mail, I could zap off one of these [email presentations].”

EP costs $49 per month, a price that includes the EmailPRESENTER software, a 30-day license to use the software and a secure online account, storage and hosting of up to 10 converter PowerPoint presentations and up to 500 unique views of the presentations stored in the online account. Users who purchase an annual license for $490 get storage for an unlimited number of presentations and 1,000 unique views per month.

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