Lectern With a Twist

By Heather Baldwin

If you’re pining for the good ole days when you could hang onto a lectern to make your presentation here’s good news. A company called ViewWriter Technologies has just released a product combining the old-world lectern with modern-day presentation technologies that may make the lectern more palatable, especially for salespeople who spend a lot of time presenting to large groups.

The ViewWriter Desk is a portable lectern on which presenters can write and erase or place overheads (on which they can write and erase with standard dry erase markers), projecting everything in full color through a multimedia projector, TV monitor or other display device. A touch of a single button automatically zooms in on the overhead placed face up on the lectern. An optional document camera screws onto a corner of the desk to project opaque and three-dimensional objects. And the unit can record the audio and visual components of your presentation in real time for archiving and later review. It’s also what the ViewWriter doesn’t have that makes it such intriguing technology. There are no moving parts, no bulbs to replace and no top lights or other devices that would obstruct an audience’s view of the speaker.

“The first time I gave a presentation with this, I got it hooked up to the TV, turned it on and the audience didn’t even let me give the presentation – they all wanted to know about the ViewWriter,” recalls Richard LaPierre, CEO of ViewWriter Technologies. “Then all the subsequent speakers wanted to use it for their presentations.” The ViewWriter Desk, which took LaPierre five years to obtain a patent on, will begin shipping in the third quarter this year for an MSRP of $4,995. It weighs roughly 15 pounds.