Meetings for the Budget-Conscious Planner

By Christine Neuberger

Because of the softening of the economy, some high-tech and Internet-based companies are canceling off-site meetings. While other organizations are delaying events, more and more companies are making cost-cutting an everyday part of meeting planning. Whether economic times are bad, good or in-between, smart managers always try to stretch a meeting budget. Here are a few ways to get the biggest bang for your meeting buck, as suggested by Meeting Professionals International, a leading industry organization:

Be flexible with a meeting date if possible. If you’ve got at least two date options, find out which date fetches a better rate at the property of your choice. Schedule the meeting during a resort’s shoulder season – the period between the peak and off-seasons.

Negotiate the contract with the hotel to include discounted rates for multiple-day use of audiovisual equipment and rooms for speakers and corporate staff.

Meals can quickly gobble up your budget. Buffet or plated meal? Use the most cost-conscious method. For a continental breakfast, check whether it’s cheaper to buy coffee, juice and Danish in bulk instead of paying the per-person price. Got a small group? It may be cheaper to send fewer than 15 to the hotel’s restaurant rather than dish out a catered meal.

Alcohol, anyone? Closely examine the expense of paying for liquor by the bottle, by the drink or per person for a defined period of time.

Get mileage out of the trimmings. Make your centerpieces pull double duty: it’s cheaper to store and freshen up flowers than pay for new centerpieces. And don’t rent plants, special linens or props from an off-site supplier until you’ve asked the hotel if it can provide them at reduced or no cost. Unusual venues – historic buildings, museums and galleries – often need little decoration.

Who else can pay the tab? Line up business partners, vendors and suppliers to sponsor coffee breaks, receptions, transportation, giveaways and more.

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