E.piphany Releases New Sales Application

By Heather Baldwin

Like the old commercial about the Energizer bunny, CRM functionality for salespeople just keeps going and going. As proof, check out the latest sales-specific product to hit the market, E.piphany Sales, part of Version 5.5 of the E.piphany E.5 system. The product rolled out in mid-May and already boasts clients such as Credit Suisse First Boston, Deutsche Bank and Transamerica Capital.

In short, E.piphany Sales combines core sales functionality with real-time analytics so salespeople and managers can forecast sales revenue, qualify leads, manage accounts, identify trends in the pipeline, prioritize sales opportunities based on value, see driving directions, and receive new feeds. The application also can provide cross-sell and upsell recommendations. “It maintains a profile on every buyer or prospect a salesperson interacts with,” says Mike Trigg, director of product marketing. “The cross-sell or upsell recommendation could be based on purchase history, observed behavior, third party data you’ve licensed, credit information – anything you determine to be predictive of the way the prospect might buy.” That function also can be integrated with E.piphany’s call center product so customer service reps can make similar purchase recommendations when clients call in with questions or concerns.

E.piphany Sales is entirely Web-based but configured for both connected and disconnected use. And no need to lug around your laptop to have access to current customer information. “You can access it over a wireless telephone, a Palm device, a Blackberry and other PDAs,” says Trigg. “It also synchs with contact management systems such as Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes.” In other words, E.piphany Sales supports the way salespeople work – with multiple devices and programs in multiple locations.