Love ‘Em – Or Else

By Christine Neuberger

As companies build relationships during their quest toward business success, sometimes relations with employees don’t get their due. Better watch out: recent research indicates that businesses should take a sincere interest in their employees. A study by the University of Denver’s Stephen Erbschloe notes that poor communication was a leading reason for slow change at 46 organizations establishing Internet businesses. What’s more, a Walker Research and Hudson Institute report found only three in 10 employees feel an obligation to stay with their current employer. “Employers need to focus on building relationships with their workers so that these employees truly believe they are a valued part of the team,” says Don Jonas, Hudson Institute research fellow. Adds Craig Muller, CEO of CultureWorx, formerly Motivation Online: “Studies show that most people do not leave jobs because of money or benefits. The number one reason people leave is because they feel unappreciated.”

CultureWorx believes it can change that. The Mount Prospect, IL, online incentive provider says its Business Consequences Management system revolutionizes communication, training, recognition and motivation. How? By harnessing behavioral science and Internet technology via a paper-free, totally online solution. Muller explains: “Our mission is to provide the best tools to unlock the power of people by helping them focus on specific goals and strive for the achievement of those goals.”

Here’s how the system works: first the manager designs the program through a simple interface, then the technology automatically awards points to employees for performance-based achievements, notifying them of the behaviors that earned awards. Employees shop via direct links with CultureWorx’s online retail partners. Result: employees get immediate feedback and managers have more time to manage. By simplifying the performance improvement process, CultureWorx says it saves companies money. Says Muller, the CEO, “We are not devising horse-and-carrot programs to award workers. CultureWorx provides an assessment of client processes and the behaviors required to work in those processes. There is a science that addresses the realm of human performance, and CultureWorx is poised to leverage those principles for a broad spectrum of clients.” For more info, visit CultureWorx on the Web at