What’s New on the Technology Front

By Lain Ehmann

Things move quickly in the world of bits and bytes and remote conferencing technology is no exception. Here are some of the latest software tools to help your remote meetings run more smoothly.

InterCall’s Conference Place 2005. InterCall, one of the world’s largest providers of conferencing services, recently announced a liaison with Microsoft to make its conferencing software product more robust and easy to use. Conference Place users now can launch a Web-based conference through Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio. “This new platform is going to make it easier to launch and host a Web conference, making virtual meetings more appealing for nonusers who have been reluctant to try the technology. The collaboration tools also will help users get more accomplished than if they had met in person,” says InterCall spokesperson Steve Carlson. For more information, please click on www.intercall.com.

Citrix Online’s GoTo Suite. Citrix Online offers a simpler-is-better approach to online solutions. Their remote collaboration and Web-conferencing solutions let companies improve client service and satisfaction by speeding support and improving training effectiveness from any Internet-connected PC. GoToMyPC provides fast, easy and secure remote access to your PC from any Web browser; GoToAssist enables remote support for customers and employees via shared-screen, mouse and keyboard control; and GoToMeeting facilitates easy, secure and cost-effective online meetings. These scalable and affordable applications are included in the GoTo suite of products. For more information, or to try GoToMyPC and GoToMeeting for free, please click on www.citrixonline.com.

MB-3D’s View-Pod Image Reviewer System and Build It Remotely Project Communication Software. MB-3D recently released an online solution for reviewing visual images. “The system eliminates the need for meeting attendees to be at one physical address when reviewing large files containing graphics and copy,” says MB-3D spokesperson Ria Romano. “The View-Pod allows enormous files to be viewed by multiple parties simultaneously.” In addition, text and graphics changes can be made instantly and viewed by all parties. Another product from the company, Build It Remotely, is a project communication software solution aimed at the construction and real estate industry. This Web-based, streamlined communication desktop allows remote management of CAD files, access to online hard drives for file storage, videoconferencing and remote viewing and inspection for an unlimited number of users. For more information, please click on www.view-pod.com or www.builditremotely.com.