Just Automate It

By Christine Neuberger

In this age of automated everything, it’s no wonder the relatively young field of event automation is burgeoning. Indeed, event automation is a driver behind the growth of the “marketing automation solutions” market which the research-oriented Gartner Group projects will increase to $2 billion by 2002.A prominent event-automation player, seeUthere.com, has announced the release of the new version of seeUthere Professional, taking its web-based event automation and management system way beyond automation of event registration. By incorporating more than 40 new and expanded features, the system offers richer opportunities for marketing, surveying and analyzing data. John Chang, CEO and co-founder of the Santa Clara, California-based seeUthere.com, says the new version makes meeting planners into strategic marketers – and events into more useful tools of customer relationship management: “While events have been an important part of companies’ sales and marketing programs, they were managed on a project-by-project basis, with little consistency in capturing metrics that integrate with other CRM programs. The new version of seeUthere Professional provides business processes and innovative tools to transform events into integral components of customer acquisition and retention strategies.”

Among the expanded features are new targeted marketing tools: planners can customize invitations to different groups via various media – email, fax, mail. Planners can devise different registration pages to suit attendee roles, such as speaker, vendor and attendee. With new reports showing each group’s and medium’s response rates, planners can send reminders to follow up with targeted individuals. Now, surveying tools have been expanded to track the impact of meetings: planners can run surveys before and after an event. The polls can assess customer preferences and/or track shifts in client buying plans and growth in customer familiarity with a product. By contrast, the paper surveys now used by 70 percent of meeting planners allow too much room for wrong or missing information, according to seeUthere.com.

Finally, seeUthere.com now helps planners measure returns on investments by simplifying the process of comparing the benefits of more than one program. Now with a report detailing attendance, survey answers and attendee profiles for multiple events, planners can examine which program produced more qualified sales leads, for example – and export the data to integrate with CRM systems.

For more info, visit seeUthere.com on the Web at www.seeUthere.com.