Grow a Carrot in Minutes

By Christine Neuberger

You’ve probably heard the horror stories about how long it can take to set up a sales incentive contest. Perhaps you could write a book about incentive programs faster than it would take to design and execute one. Well, in this age of business at Web speed, who’s got time to waste? Well, listen up. If you’ve got a few minutes, you’ve got the time to set up a contest on the Web at That’s right. SalesDriver says it provides an easy and convenient way to create a salesforce incentive online – and in as little as 20 minutes.

For years, sales managers have settled for using cash incentives or wrestled with the time-consuming and costly process of creating a noncash incentive program. They sweat over themes, tracking and prize selection. Companies order merchandise in bulk – and sometimes none of it motivates. But SalesDriver updates the traditional route by harnessing the Internet. A manager juggling assorted other tasks can take 20 or 30 minutes to get a program up and running on the Web. The manager can monitor and update online anytime.The scoreboard allows managers to track sales results – individual and group. SalesDriver makes data collection for quarterly reports simple. Managers can identify the products that need added promotion. With this Web-based platform, even resellers can be included in the program.

Once the winnings are distributed, recipients decide where and how they’ll spend their DriverDollars, a currency good at popular online retailers, including,, and Among the rewards that sales reps can choose from is a flight in a Russian fighter jet from the top-secret Zhukovsky Air Base.

SalesDriver, with its headquarters in Maynard, MA, has helped more than 300 businesses motivate their sales teams and channel partners since the privately-held company was launched in March 2000. “Our goal is to revitalize the sales contest using the Internet,” says Dan Berger, president of SalesDriver. “We provide sales managers with a new way to excite and motivate their sales force and in turn, increase sales.” For more info, call 1-877-21DRIVE or visit the Web at