Get More Details Online

By Malcolm Fleschner

Imagine how much easier life would be if you could gather all your far-flung docs into a single room and detail them all at once? Oh, the efficiency, the convenience, the savings on gas money! Of course in a bricks-and-mortar world where it’s tough enough to get in to see one physician at a time, this kind of ideal call remains little but a pipedream. Ah, but what about in the virtual world?

To address that very possibility, The Maxwell Group, a Web conferencing solutions provider serving the pharmaceutical industry, recently introduced MedConference Live, an integrated Web conferencing platform and service package designed specifically to help drug marketers, brand managers and medical education agencies sponsor, manage and deliver live online conferences to physicians. Doctors can log on and participate live without downloading additional software.

“In essence, MedConferenceLive overcomes distance and time challenges to deliver live, relevant and significant medical information directly to physicians anywhere, anytime they’re at a personal computer,” says Bob Maiden, president of The Maxwell Group. “Pharmaceutical companies are facing new pressure to streamline the direct-to-physician drug marketing and education process. MedConferenceLive provides an environment specifically built for how physicians learn, with a live, interactive format that allows for questions and answers, online polling, live video, physician chat and discussion.”

Because there are dozens of other Web conferencing solutions competing in the marketplace, it’s natural to wonder what particularly suits MedConference Live to pharmaceutical rep’s needs. The following are some of the features Maiden says are included to help drug reps manage the Web conferencing process.

  • Recruitment. The solution offers a series of well-honed tactics on how to promote events to just the right audience and boost attendance.
  • Rep Training. Users are instructed on how to market, facilitate and follow up on conferences to maximize impact.
  • Speaker Training. MedConferenceLive trains speakers to stay on topic and in compliance while delivering an online conference.
  • Branding. Each event is branded specifically to the product, company or talk title so participating physicians view presentations within the context of the drug brand.
  • Data Collection. The program collects key data about participants so users can evaluate physician behavior immediately following an online event.

This year The Maxwell Group will deliver more than 3,500 events, reaching some 200,000 physicians around the globe. If you think you’d like to add the names of some of your targeted docs to that list, visit the company online at