4 Tips to Close with Confidence
Closing represents a natural conclusion to a well-handled sales process, yet many salespeople view it as an anxiety-laden moment of truth. When nerves sap your… Read Article

Modify Maverick Behavior with a Consistent Sales Process
Do your reps operate like a well-trained army unit, following a consistent, documented process based on rigorous training? Or are they mavericks, each doing their… Read Article

Is There Any Hope for Your Sales Forecast?
Around 85 percent of sales forces build a forecast based on pipeline opportunities, according to Vantage Point Performance research. But is that the best approach?… Read Article

Save Your Stuck, Lost, and Neglected Deals
Not all forecasted deals close when projected. In fact, according to results published by The TAS Group in its Dealmaker Index Global Sales Benchmark Study,… Read Article

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