Selling Power Magazine – March 2015
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Features in this issue include:
  • The Age of Analytics – Insight from Jenny Dearborn, SVP & Chief Learning Officer at SAP
  • Closing wisdom from the legendary Zig Ziglar
  • Motivation: 7 Laws of Positive Living
  • Using Data to Predict Customer Behavior
Daily Boost of Positivity
It's always easier to face problems when you're prepared. The last thing you want to be thinking when a crisis hits is, "Where do I go from here?" The problem associated with this reaction is the time it takes to plan after the fact. In essence, you have two problems: one is the actual problem, and the other is your emotional energy. You can't prevent problems from creeping into your life, but you can prepare. Start to protect yourself today from the unexpected by anticipating problems or reviewing major challenges from the past. Build alternatives to better navigate obstacles, and…  SUBSCRIBE TO THE DAILY BOOST OF POSITIVITY
Sales Management Digest
Five Ways to Position Yourself for Selling Success
Selling savvy is knowing how to make people sit up and take notice when you speak. READ MORE

Building an Effective Sales-Recruitment Process
Without a solid recruitment process in place, it's difficult, if not impossible, to hire salespeople. READ MORE

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