Selling Power Magazine – September 2014
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Features in this issue include:
  • Annual ranking of the 50 Best Companies to Sell For
  • SAP's CEO Bill McDermott on leadership, motivation, and sales skills
  • Legendary trainer and motivator Brian Tracy shares life and sales lessons
  • How to avoid presentation overload
Daily Boost of Positivity
In sales, our confidence sometimes takes a beating. Maybe prospects aren't calling back. Maybe you lost some business you've relied on for a long time. Maybe your company has made changes that you feel are negatively affecting you. Do not let these setbacks diminish your faith in yourself and your ability to be successful. That power always lies within you, no matter what your external circumstances.  SUBSCRIBE TO THE DAILY BOOST OF POSITIVITY
Sales Management Digest
Exploring Your Prospect's Secret Mind
The best sales professionals are highly skilled at delving into their prospect's mind. By listening, asking questions, and researching well… READ MORE

The First Five Minutes
The first five minutes of a sales meeting is like the foundation of a house – get it right and everything else falls into place fairly smoothly. READ MORE

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