Selling Power Magazine – August 2017
Selling Power in the Cloud
Features in this issue include:
  • Find More Opportunities for Improved Sales
  • Save a Sale in Distress
  • How to Get Motivated After Rejection
  • Improve Your Listening Skills to Improve Your Close Ratio
  • Four Ways to Meet Today's Sales Challenges
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Daily Boost of Positivity
When you read a good book, you visualize. You create mental images of the scenes and characters, and you may even project what you think they'll do next. Another type of imaging you probably use is worrying. Worry is the visualization of negative outcomes. According to Dr. Wayne Dyer, 90 percent of the things we worry about never come true. Think of all that time you could be spending visualizing positive results – results that can help you make sales, achieve your goals, and reach your full potential.  SUBSCRIBE TO THE DAILY BOOST OF POSITIVITY
Sales Management Digest
This is the Way Your Reps Really Want to Learn
A recent survey, co-produced by The Sales Management Association (SMA) and Allego, suggests that many sales reps and sales managers have very different views about the fundamental issue of sales training. READ MORE

Get Middle Performers out of Their Ruts
Middle performers can give managers the biggest bang for their buck. These salespeople are generally highly coachable and have the potential to get on the road to greater success. READ MORE

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