Selling Power Magazine – September 2017
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Features in this issue include:
  • How Much Longer Will Professional Selling Last?
  • 50 Best Companies to Sell For
  • Success Profile: Beyond Profit
  • 10 Ways to Make Every Moment You Spend with a Salesperson Count
  • Kick-start the Hesitant Buyer
  • The Power of Silence in Sales
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Daily Boost of Positivity
Loneliness is not bad. You and every other person on this planet share the condition of aloneness. This condition is attached to your humanity. Think to yourself, "I am separate and unique and special. I belong only to myself – not to my husband, nor my wife; my boss, nor my partner; my brother, nor my father. I am answerable to me, and my feelings are for me to have and share as I choose." This gives you the freedom to build bridges to connect with people, rather than erect barriers. The condition of your humanity is to be separate.…  SUBSCRIBE TO THE DAILY BOOST OF POSITIVITY
Sales Management Digest
Get Reps to Perform at the Highest Levels
In sports, the job of a coach is to help a player develop strengths and mitigate weaknesses. The job of a sales manager is the same. Properly prepared sales reps don't freeze up on calls… READ MORE

Great Ways to Wrap Up a Presentation
Contrary to popular belief, asking, "Do you have any questions?" is not the best way to end a presentation. Instead, end with a call to action, says Frank Carillo… READ MORE

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