Selling Power Magazine – July 2014
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Features in this issue include:
  • Selling Power University – New sales training course
  • How to manage babies and whiners on your sales team.
  • Say good-bye to the old way of selling
  • Does your sales process need a jolt?
Daily Boost of Positivity
Most people assume that the path to success starts at the bottom and moves increasingly upward, but this is not the case. The path to success is never a straight ascension. Not only will there be setbacks, but there will be backtracks, digressions, and periods of aimless stagnation. The important thing is never to remain stuck in any of these states. That is why it is so important to examine your progress routinely in relation to your goals. Setbacks are easy to identify, but digressions and stagnation are more insidious obstacles. Never allow these circumstances to cause you to fall short of what you have…  SUBSCRIBE TO THE DAILY BOOST OF POSITIVITY
Sales Management Digest
Help for Your Pre-Call Prep
When you get right down to it, sales are won or lost on preparation. READ MORE

Six Insights about Leading a Team
The irony of management is this: In order to be a great manager, it's not enough that you were a great salesperson. READ MORE

The End of Sales as We Know It

Tuesday, August 5
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