Five Easy Ways to Say Thanks
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Showing your appreciation is one of the quickest and easiest ways to give yourself and someone else an emotional lift. It takes only a moment to make a phone call or write a note of thanks, but the gesture leaves a lasting impression. Here are some guidelines to help you express your thanks:

1. When someone refers a client to you, sends valuable written materials, or otherwise assists you in your business or personal life, send a letter or a handwritten note of thanks.

2. When a company employee or representative renders excellent service, send a note or place a call to his or her manager. Explain the special service you received from that individual.

3. When praising or recognizing others, make sure that your comments are sincere. People know when you are trying to manipulate them through flattery.

4. Develop the daily habit of acknowledging others and praising them for their contributions. The more you give, the more likely you are to receive.

5. Don't confine your expressions of gratitude to the workplace. If you receive particularly good service at a restaurant, for example, tell your server how much it contributed to your enjoyment of the meal. You might find the service even better the next time you visit that restaurant.

6. Recognize effort, not just results. Studies show that students who are praised for their effort and not just for results, for example, tend to try harder and improve their future performance.

The kindness you show others is often returned to you. Show appreciation to others, and you'll set the stage for mutually rewarding relationships.

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