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Best Books for 2011 Selected by Selling Power Magazine

The power of the printed word is still a vital learning tool for sales teams

FREDERICKSBURG, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The November/December 2010 issue of Selling Power magazine announced the Best Books to Help Your Team Succeed in 2011. Each book addresses an aspect of selling that Selling Power feels will be of paramount importance in 2011, including standing out in a crowded marketplace, nurturing trusted relationships, communicating effectively, and fostering new growth.

Gerhard Gschwandtner, founder and CEO of Selling Power magazine, says that despite the proliferation of online content and resources, books present a wealth of ideas that can help create a winning sales team. "High performers are always looking for more ways to create value," Gschwandtner says. "Our selective list of books represents a road map for sales leaders who want to equip their teams with the tools, skill sets, and visionary thinking they need to succeed in the coming year."

The Best Books to Help Your Team Succeed in 2011:

  • Selling Change: 101 Secrets for Growing Sales by Leading Change by Brett Clay
  • Slow Down, Sell Faster! Understand Your Customer's Buying Process and Maximize Your Sales by Kevin Davis
  • SNAP Selling: Speed Up Sales and Win More Business with Today's Frazzled Customers by Jill Konrath
  • Baseline Selling: How to Become a Sales Superstar by Using What You Already Know About the Game of Baseball by Dave Kurlan
  • Make What You Say Pay! The Language That Opens Minds, Closes Deals, & Wows Crowds by Anne Miller
  • Power Referrals: The Ambassador Method for Empowering Others to Promote Your Business and Do the Selling for You by Andrea Sittig-Rolf
  • The Seven Keys to Effective Business-to-Business Appointment Setting: Unlock Your Sales Potential by Andrea Sittig-Rolf
  • Never Fly Solo: Lead With Courage, Build Trusting Partnerships, and Reach New Heights in Business by Lt. Col. Rob "Waldo" Waldman

The list also includes a summary of tips for sales leaders on how to distribute and disseminate best practices and ideas to their teams.

About Selling Power

Based in Virginia, Selling Power Inc. maintains book-, audio-, and video-publishing divisions and the leading Website in the sales industry, and produces Selling Power magazine, the leading periodical for sales managers and executives since 1981. Selling Power also produces the Sales Leadership Conference series biannually.
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