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Features in this issue include:
  • Secrets of Success: How to Turn Your Dreams into Reality
  • Why Sales Productivity is Not Enough
  • 4 Ways to Become a Better Competitor
  • Time to Change: How to Beat the Procrastination Bug
  • 3 Ways to Sharpen Existing Sales Skills
Daily Boost of Positivity
Do you have a compulsion to check your email, even during downtime? Do you stay up too late working on proposals? Do you skip gym time in favor of vegging out in front of the TV? These habits are not bad per se. Many are positive, such as committing to get that proposal in first thing Monday. Plenty are just plain practical, such as returning emails promptly. The good ones and the practical ones should be cultivated, because they save time or give you energy. But the bad habits should…  SUBSCRIBE TO THE DAILY BOOST OF POSITIVITY
Sales Management Digest
How to Let Go of Your Perfectionist Tendencies
The idea of perfect control might sound very attractive, but it is in fact a major contributor to people being unhappy at work. Here are some insights we can share about the characteristics of a perfectionist.  READ MORE

These Friendly Words Will Help You Win with Buyers
Powerfully worded and delivered presentations are an important prelude to a successful close. Unfortunately, such seemingly innocent phrases as "I think…" or "Yes, but…" may be sabotaging your sales. READ MORE

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