Selling Power Magazine – June 2015
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Features in this issue include:
  • How Sales Enablement Moves Sales Forward
  • Eliminate the Gap between Sales & Marketing
  • Spend More Time with Customers
  • Six Steps to Better Productivity
  • Jeffrey Gitomer on Happiness
Daily Boost of Positivity
Research suggests that our brains are wired in a way that makes us inherently social creatures. What are your social initiatives, either personally or in your corporate culture? Are you reaching out to prospects on social media and using social networks to listen and gain a greater understanding of what their needs and wants are? Sales teams have the most to gain from being socially connected to customers and prospects. Yet many sales leaders continue to think social media is just for fun or a waste of time for business; however, social business can and does create customers. Be open…  SUBSCRIBE TO THE DAILY BOOST OF POSITIVITY
Sales Management Digest
3 Tips for Every Ambitious Sales Professional
Want to know how a prospective hire – or any of the reps on your team – are going to perform in the future? READ MORE

Great Ways to Wrap Up a Presentation
Contrary to popular belief, asking, "Do you have any questions?" is not the best way to end a presentation. READ MORE

How to Accurately Qualify Opportunities

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