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Conference Agenda

Sunday, April 10
7:30–9:00 PM  Welcome Reception for all attendees and sponsors - Fairmont Hotel

Monday, April 11
7:15 AM  Registration & Networking Breakfast
8:15 AM  Keynote: The New Pillars of Sales & Marketing Leadership
The organizations that are able to win more business and effectively retain customers are the ones where sales, marketing and customer service teams act collaboratively to achieve common goals. Selling Power magazine's founder will explain the current trends in sales and marketing alignment, discuss the need for more cohesive processes, and share visionary ways to think about your internal communications.

Speaker: Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder & CEO, Selling Power

8:30 AM  Adapting Your Selling Methodologies to Close the 21st Century Customer
In a world where sales leaders get their morning news on their iPad, then immediately flip over to their sales forecast, the old rules of sales and marketing no longer apply. Buyers have more information at their fingertips than ever before, and increasingly high expectations. Now more than ever, companies must redefine their sales and marketing practices to bring the right people, information, and resources to the right deals, at just the right time.
In this keynote presentation, John Grosshans, Vice President, Line of Business Solutions, SAP Americas will discuss how SAP has evolved its go-to-market approach to manage this dramatic shift in dynamics between seller and buyer and address the specific needs of the Line of Business vs. IT. You will hear how sales and marketing executives are leveraging integrated analytics to unlock customer insights that reside across SAP's ecosystem – from suppliers, partners, customers, and employees – to make better decisions that increase sales and marketing effectiveness. Grosshans will also discuss the impact of providing these insights on mobile platforms to ensure real-time collaboration, transparency, and visibility - and to ultimately accelerate sales cycles.

Speaker: John Grosshans, Vice President of Line of Business Solutions, SAP Americas

9:15 AM  The Future of Sales & Marketing Effectiveness
Aligning sales and marketing teams around common goals and processes has historically been a difficult, overwhelming, and elusive task for many organizations. Major shifts in both how customers buy and the technologies that support sales and marketing functions have created a number of opportunities for sales and marketing leaders to create more synergy among their teams. This panel of experts will share insights on these trends and best practices that will help you to achieve the following:
  • understand which tools have the most impact on sales and marketing alignment
  • resolve conflict between sales and marketing teams
  • understand how lead scoring and routing can enable faster sales cycles
  • map out key steps that will improve sales

Moderator: Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder & CEO, Selling Power
Panelists: Rajiv Pant, President-North American Operations, Hexaware
Doug Sechrist, Vice President of Demand Marketing , Eloqua/@dougsechrist
Amit Varshneya, VP, Marketing, Hexaware/@amit_varshneya

10:00 AM  Morning Break
10:30 AM  Putting the Fan on the Field: A New Approach to Winning Over Your Customers
Over the past several decades, athletic franchises have successfully transformed spectator sports into mega-experiences that put the fan at the center of the action. In doing so, they've grown their audience base and discovered new and extremely lucrative sources of revenue. Now savvy companies are taking a page out of the play book of America's most successful sports teams. Their effort to put the "fan on the field" represents a new and more sophisticated approach to customer interaction. And the results speak for themselves: heightened levels of customer loyalty, a stronger presence across social networks, faster growth, and an ability to capitalize on progressively larger opportunities. Join Justin Shriber, Oracle CRM Vice President, as he rolls footage of today's winning companies and provides color commentary on the teams they are building and the plays they are running to take their game to the next level.

Speaker: Justin Shriber, Regional Vice President of CRM On Demand, Oracle

11:15 AM  How Sales & Marketing Intelligence Fuel Better Results
In today's overconnected world, companies know more about their customers than ever before. Armed with the right intelligence, sales teams can focus on the hottest leads faster and marketing teams can push the right message to the right customer for the best ROI. Does more communication lead to happier customers? Or is it the quality, not the consistency of the message that creates a loyal customer base? This panel of experts will share the following:
  • techniques for improving the value of the customer experience
  • ways to empower your sales team with the right information about customers
  • tactics you can use to competitively and effectively position your product
  • strategies that help sales and marketing teams become more collaborative

Moderator: Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder & CEO, Selling Power
Panelists: David Heath, Vice President of Global Sales (Ret.), Nike Inc.
Steve Richard, Cofounder, Vorsight/@srichardv
Patrick Sweeney, President, Caliper/@CaliperPatrick

12:30 PM  Lunch
1:30 PM  How to Win More Business: The Engine of Customer Experience
A recent research study conducted by AchieveGlobal, more than 1,000 respondents worldwide, shows a complete shift in the modern sales process. Instead of focusing on the company and the sales team's process, sales organizations that win in today's marketplace seize the customer's point of view. This shift is no mere "focus on the customer" – a played-out catchphrase that's lost impact over the years. Today's successful sales teams first sees itself through the customers' eyes and then reshape the sales process accordingly. In this session, the panelists will discuss strategies to help make this transition:
  • how sales leaders help craft the customer experience and buying process
  • how to maximize after-sale service levels
  • which sales strategies produce the desired buyer behaviors
  • how to shift your sales process to match your customers' buying process

Moderator: Sharon Daniels, President & Chief Executive Officer, AchieveGlobal
Panelists: Alan Morris, Vice President Sales & Operation - Southwest Region, HD Supply Utilities Ltd.
Irene Sewer, Director, Field Development, Liberty Mutual

2:30 PM  Social Media Tactics for B2B: Incorporating LinkedIn into Your Sales Process
In this session, LinkedIn's Brian Frank will give insight into the company's best practices on how to use LinkedIn as an effective sales-prospecting tool. He'll share simple strategies that are easy to implement and have a huge payoff in helping your team to create a wider sales funnel. You'll also learn common mistakes and things to avoid when using LinkedIn.

Speaker: Brian Frank, Head of Global Sales Operations, LinkedIn/@tarynfrank

3:10 PM  Afternoon Break
3:40 PM  Stop Selling and Start Delighting Customers: How to Innovate the Customer Experience
Products and services are facing accelerated commoditization. Customers are demanding more value for lower price. This everyday reality is not shared by some sales organizations. Their customers pay premium price and buy more, faster. The secret: These organizations stopped selling. They deliver compelling customer experiences through their sales and marketing interactions that make customers stand in line and ask for more. This session will challenge you to rethink your customer relationships. In this session, you will learn the following:
  • what a "customer experience" is and how that applies to your sales and marketing processes
  • secrets to designing a delightful, profitable customer experience
  • how to establish an organization that is ready to delight customers
  • how to redesign your sales experience
  • how experience-based organizations redefine their market and lead
Selling in the recent economy is tough, but you have the power to close more business and have fun in the process. You just have to stop selling.

Speaker: Lior Arussy, Founder, Strativity Group/@LiorStrativity

4:25 PM  Inspiring Greatness in Your Team
As a leader, how do you help the people in your organization set higher standards for themselves, take more initiative, and execute flawlessly? Mike Pierce's 15 years of sales and sales management experience in the insurance and recruitment industries -- coupled with his passion for running marathons in the Antarctic and his history of setting world records -- offer valuable lessons for today's sales leaders. In this session, he'll focus on the core challenges that sales, marketing, and business professionals face daily:
  • taking personal responsibility for performance-based issues
  • developing greater personal discipline
  • building a laser-sharp focus on goal achievement
  • creating a more adaptive and resilient sales culture
  • holding team members accountable for their results

Speaker: Mike Pierce, Professional Speaker, Antarctic Mike Speaks

5:15 PM  Concluding Remarks

Speaker: Patrick Sweeney, President, Caliper/@CaliperPatrick

5:25 PM  Cocktail & Networking Reception