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Sales 2.0 Leadership Conference – Philadelphia, PA
November 16, 2015
Achieve World-Class Sales Success

The Sales 2.0 Leadership Conference, Philadelphia will help sales leaders achieve world-class sales success by giving them strategies to improve the mindsets, skillsets, and 'toolsets' of their sales reps. Sessions will address the following sales leadership challenges:
  • Mindset – The Peak Performance Mindset: Help sales reps foster a winning mindset that builds their confidence, fosters persistence, and develops their sense of urgency.

  • Skillset – World-Class Sales Leadership Skills: Get insight on how to better manage the hiring process, onboarding, sales training and enablement, aligning sales with marketing, and more.

  • Toolset – Game-Changing Sales 2.0 Technology: Learn how to identify and adopt sales 2.0 tools that empower sales reps, including tools that assist with: customer/prospect engagement, sales analytics, pipeline management, sales-cycle acceleration, and more.

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Multiple Channels, One Experience: Maximize Revenue and Customer Satisfaction

Thursday, October 22
9 am PT / 12 pm ET

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Upcoming Event
Sales 2.0 Leadership Conference

Monday, November 16

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