Sales Management Digest

August 22, 2017

Four Ways to Stay Happy

What's the best way to get happy and stay that way? For starters, try not to stress about the future and focus on the present moment instead. Read >
5 Ways To Streamline Your Sales Contract Process
Tips that shorten contract creation, approval and negotiation for Salesforce CRM users. Download >

Stop Talking About Yourself (and Start Selling More)

What if you could increase your sales by more than 40 percent by making one change to the way you sell? Read >
Webinar: Enable Your Team to Sell Better with Video
Learn why video is such a powerful tool for getting your sales reps to have more conversations with prospects. Register >
How to Develop a Constant Flow of New Sales Opportunities
Creating new sales opportunities within accounts can be daunting. The fact is, it is relatively simple: it's all about developing and sharing ideas with your contacts while helping their business and personal interests… Read >
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