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Three Offers Are Better than One

Many sales organizations have successfully transitioned from selling products to selling solutions, articulating value, and solving business problems. But when it comes to negotiating, all that progress goes up in smoke. “Salespeople are selling value, but they’re negotiating price,” observes Brian Dietmeyer, president and CEO of Think! Inc., a global strategic negotiation consultancy. “They are selling complexity well, but then it …  read more
Turning Knowledge into Sales with OutStart

Free Webcast: Buyers report that sales execs are unable to answer their questions effectively. Meanwhile, frustrated sales teams struggle to find the right information quickly. View this Webcast to learn how OutStart connects sales professionals to the relevant knowledge that accelerates sales and win rates.

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The Science of Making Great Connections

Have you ever noticed that some people have what seems like a naturally magnetic appeal? At networking and other social events, they move with ease between attendees, connecting almost instantly with everyone they meet – and they actually seem to enjoy being there! Perhaps you’ve even wished you had their “natural talent” for making connections with others.

The good news is there’s usually a science to their …  read more

Hug Your Objections

Why is it that most reps would give anything to know exactly what stands between them and a prospect doing business together, yet at the same time they dread hearing objections? The two are essentially one and the same, says sales trainer Lenann McGookey Gardner. Objections are merely a prospect’s way of telling a rep what’s holding him or her up from saying yes. And if you handle the objections correctly, you move over the speed bumps and get …  read more

Winning Back Their Trust

Mr. Darcy, one of Jane Austen’s most famous characters, once observed that his good opinion, once lost, is lost forever. “I cannot forget the follies and vices of others so soon as I ought,” he admitted, “nor their offences against myself.”

Have you ever worried your team members feel the same way …that once a rep loses trust in you, his trust cannot be regained? Luckily, that’s not the case, …  read more
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