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by Heather Baldwin

Laws of Powerful Presentations

Sales presentations are all about persuasion - persuading a client to buy a product, upgrade a service or simply choose you to move to the next round in the competition for a major contract. So if you want to improve your powers of persuasion, who better to learn from than the professionals who have made persuasion an art form: trial lawyers. Claudyne Wilder, founder of Boston-based Wilder Presentations, suggests presenters take to heart a few of the tips …  read more

MCSi, Inc. is North America’s leading supplier and integrator of presentation, computing, networking, and broadcast technology. Whether working with a single facility or a nationwide network of corporate offices, MCSi can provide a level of service unparalleled in our industry.

Big Presentation? No Sweat

If you think sometimes that you're the only one who gets quaking-in-your-boots nervous before a major presentation, just remember what Mark Twain once said: there are two kinds of speakers - those who are nervous and those who are liars. So everyone gets nervous, especially when a multimillion-dollar contract is at stake, but there are several things you can do to control those nerves so they don't get in the way of a winning performance, says Sue Hershkowitz-Coore, …  read more

Connect to Your Audience

Imagine one day being able to enter a new contact into your customer relationship management (CRM) system, clicking a single button and then sitting back while your computer creates a sales presentation customized for that client based on such information as his industry, company size, location and finances. Sound too good to be true? Believe it or not, the technology is planned for release before the end of the year by a Chicago-based enterprise called Echo …  read more
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