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Features in this issue include:
  • How to Create an Accurate Sales Budget
  • Two Must-Haves for Success
  • Rate Your Salespeople's Selling Skills
  • 3 Ways to Make More Time for Face-to-Face Selling
  • How to Control Sales Presentations
Daily Boost of Positivity
Accepting blame is a great skill that can set you apart. That's because many people avoid blame like the plague. When something goes amiss on your watch, don't try to shift the blame or weasel out of it. Focus on what you can do to alleviate the situation. Concentrate on what happened and why and what action you expect to take in response. Say you're sorry, and sound like you mean it. That can go a long way toward demonstrating your sincerity and cementing the relationship.  SUBSCRIBE TO THE DAILY BOOST OF POSITIVITY
Sales Management Digest
How to Double Your Influence with Customers and Win the Deal
If you can show how your solution can impact the customer's bottom line, you'll win the sale. READ MORE

Practical Hiring Tips for Busy Sales Managers
As a sales manager, you probably feel like you spend the majority of your time putting out fires. READ MORE

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Daily Cartoon
I move that we have our annual convention in Hawaii every year,
and that we have our annual convention 30 times a year!