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Features in this issue include:
  • 4,200 Sales Reps Meet the MetLife Change Challenge
  • Lucky You: This study shows how luck really is on your side
  • Quantify value so you won't have to justify cost
  • Keep your best reps from jumping ship
Daily Boost of Positivity
With the power of your imagination, you can just as easily turn a bad situation into a good one. The next time you're facing a situation you dread, try thinking about all the things that you're afraid will go wrong, and imagine the feelings that go along with it. Then imagine some some positive alternatives by using the phrase "but instead." For example: "I spend the entire morning calling all my leads from marketing, and no one wants to talk to me." Now repeat that statement, but add "but instead" at the end, and then imagine a positive outcome: "...but instead, I have a conversation…  SUBSCRIBE TO THE DAILY BOOST OF POSITIVITY
Sales Management Digest
8 Tips to Help You Speak with Authority
With a roomful of decision makers in front of you and a sale on the line, a well-organized, interesting presentation combined with a smooth, polished delivery can often take you a big step closer to a sale. READ MORE

Do Sales Awards Really Drive Results?
During his frontline selling days, author Devin Hughes certainly appreciated the accolades that came with sales achievement. READ MORE

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We doubled our sales this month. Our two-for-one sales really worked.