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Features in this issue include:
  • How to Create an Accurate Sales Budget
  • Two Must-Haves for Success
  • Rate Your Salespeople's Selling Skills
  • 3 Ways to Make More Time for Face-to-Face Selling
  • How to Control Sales Presentations
Daily Boost of Positivity
Mentors can be an invaluable help as you ascend life's thorny ladder. Many successful people will freely admit that they never could have accomplished so much without the guidance and wisdom offered by others who encouraged them along their paths to success. If you don't have a mentor, take steps to cultivate a new relationship. Find someone you know and respect who has achieved a level of success that offers a model for you. Get in touch with that person and see if he or she is willing to discuss a specific issue that's on your mind. Nothing asked, nothing…  SUBSCRIBE TO THE DAILY BOOST OF POSITIVITY
Sales Management Digest
How to Double Your Influence with Customers and Win the Deal
If you can show how your solution can impact the customer's bottom line, you'll win the sale. READ MORE

Practical Hiring Tips for Busy Sales Managers
As a sales manager, you probably feel like you spend the majority of your time putting out fires. READ MORE

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Daily Cartoon
Er, no offense, Miss Winthrop, but have you ever considered writing a book on salesmanship?