Selling Power Magazine – November 2017
Selling Power in the Cloud
Features in this issue include:
  • How the Philadelphia 76ers: Slam-Dunked Their Way to Sales Success
  • Get Predictably Better Results
  • The Best Ways to Motivate Sales Reps
  • Call Prep Essentials
  • Using the 5 Corporate Power Centers
  • When Small Is Mighty Big
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Sales Management Digest
Six Obvious Ways to Get Prospects On Board
What makes us remember some ideas and not others? It's a crucial question in the sales business and one that's explored in-depth in the book… READ MORE

Motivating a Sales Force to Succeed
Good salespeople share at least one trait: a desire to win. A sales manager's job is to figure out how to channel that desire into the behaviors that will improve sales force effectiveness and… READ MORE

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