Selling Power Magazine – April
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Features in this issue include:
  • Don't Get Sales Trapped: Six ways to stop sabotaging your sales
  • How to Make (Profitable) Sales
  • Create a High-Performance Selling Culture
  • 5 Customer-centric Selling Skills
  • The Right Time to Make a Sales Proposal
Daily Boost of Positivity

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What are the signs that you're dealing with a toxic person? Warning signs include critical or controlling behavior. Often nothing you say or do is good enough. Toxic people hold on to past grudges and dredge them up continually. They disregard others' feelings and fail to respect boundaries. They are all about themselves. If you see these red flags in a relationship, take steps to limit your interaction or phase out your collaboration.  SUBSCRIBE TO THE DAILY BOOST OF POSITIVITY
Sales Management Digest
Six Crucial Tips to Create a Winning Sales Organization
Running a winning sales organization is far from easy. However, you can get there – provided you're willing to adhere to the six essential tips we've compiled below. READ MORE

Build Your Telephone Sales Confidence
Can you tell when you are dealing with a confident person over the telephone? You bet you can. Confidence is an intangible quality that can be heard and felt. READ MORE

Daily Cartoon
It's the sales literature from Acme Missile.
My, it's certainly designed to attract your attention.