Customized Sales Training to
Address Deeper Sales Challenges

Your culture, sales environment, target market and sales scenarios are unique. That means the only sales training that will "stick" with your salespeople – aka the kind that gets long-term results – is sales training that's customized to you.

But as unique as your sales environment might be, your real sales challenges probably aren't that unique.

The Brooks Group understands common sales challenges and offers proven solutions customized to work in your unique environment and culture.

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Problems We Can Help You Solve

While the challenges you're facing likely feel complicated, The Brooks Group understands
common problems and has developed packaged training solutions designed to solve them.

We can help you if you're dealing with:

Inconsistent Sales Operating Systems
Whether everyone is winging it or different divisions are using different language, we've shown we can get sales teams using the same language to win more deals within 3 months when we align salespeople and managers under a single selling system. Sales reps and sales managers marching towards a common goal need a common language.
Underperforming Channel Partners
Without direct authority over your dealers' front-line reps, driving revenue growth through distribution can be challenging. We've developed a method for creating a win-win for you and your dealers.
Technical Salespeople unable to have Strategic Business Conversations
By teaching technical salespeople our consultative sales process we give them the skills they need to be seen as strategic business advisors, not product specialists. Salespeople who focus on what's valuable to the customer get more sales opportunities and win more often.
External Disruptor or Internal Transformation
Changes inside of your company and in the marketplace can have you wondering if your existing team has the right skills to succeed. We can help you figure out who can make the leap and who can't.
Salespeople Refuse to Sell New Solutions
Salespeople too transactional or too focused on old products? We can arm them with the right questions and the right messaging to reduce their resistance or anxiety and get them selling unfamiliar solutions. New solutions can also make the difference between low and and high margin sales.
Sales Managers Aren't Coaching Reps
This is usually a combination of several factors: lack of knowledge, talent and an inability to create unique environments in which reps motivate themselves. Our sales management training programs are proven to turn sales managers into sales coaches.
Excessively High Sales Turnover
Hiring strong salespeople that will stay with you (and that you don't have to terminate) is the #1 challenge that sales leaders face. The good news is that by using our validated, EEOC compliant assessment tool, you can drive your turnover rate down by 30% as one of our clients did. A complimentary assessment on one of your team members is a good way to see how it works.
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The sales training marketplace is crowded and most of the players make similar claims. Arm yourself with our free ebook, titled 23 Tips For Choosing A Corporate Sales Training Provider.

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The Brooks Group Client

"The Brooks Group provides the highest degree of professionalism in every interaction I've had with them. More importantly, the strategies and tactics they teach work in the field to deliver results. The Brooks Group understands what it takes to deliver long-term behavioral change at the sales and sales management level, and I highly recommend their services."

Patrick Scully
EVP of Sales, Motor Coach Industries
"Just wanted to say a big "THANK YOU" to all at Brooks who made this IMPACT training a reality for us. I have to say that it was more than a GREAT SUCCESS. All of my sales team members came out of the training with lot of good ideas and now want to use those techniques right away."

Raghu V.
Vice President – Sales, Testek Inc.
"It was very valuable to get an accurate insight into how I act, how I'm motivated, etc., and to learn about the differences in others. It'll be valuable to learn how to assess others and modify my interaction with them based on their personality."

Josh M.
Territory Sales Manager, KaVo USA
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