On Demand Webinar

How to Predict Success in Sales

Original Air Date: April 17, 2013

Why are some people successful in sales while others are not? This is a question that sales managers and executives ask themselves regularly. Perhaps a more perplexing question is why someone who is successful selling in one job is a complete failure in another, or vice versa. In this webinar we will discuss how you can increase your odds that the reps you hire will succeed in your sales organization. Specific takeaways will include how to:

  • Identify sales styles and drivers (ie: motivators)
  • Understand why salespeople are successful in some positions and not in others
  • Use a complete profile to select and develop your salespeople
  • Understand the core competencies that predict sales success

Moderator: Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder & CEO, Selling Power
Speaker: Matthew O'Connell, Ph.D., Executive Vice President and Co-Founder, Select International
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