Five Quick Pointers for Public Speaking Success

By linda a. schumacher

Whether you are presenting your product to an audience of hundreds or presenting innovative ideas to the board of your company, by observing these five basic skills, you can deliver an interesting, effective presentation.

1. Choose a topic that you are certain will interest your audience and on which you rate an expert.

These are the two most critical elements in boosting your confidence and ensuring a professional delivery.

2. Decide the most important points you want to communicate and organize your talk accordingly so that you do not exceed the allotted time. Never write your talk word for word and never read a prepared speech. It is better to write key words in outline form on note cards and practice the talk from your notes beforehand.

3. Use the microphone to enhance your talk and not as an object to be feared. Adjust it to your height and voice level and speak normally into it.

4. Use well-designed visuals and use them as a supplement to, not a substitute for, your talk.

Your audience can read just as well as you can.

5. Let your personality show through as you speak. Expressing a genuine enthusiasm and eagerness to share your expertise and using humor and personal anecdotes which have applicability to your subject will help you forget yourself and endear your audience to you.